As a young city-boy growing up in Austin, TX, my favorite places on earth were my grandparents' farms in Tyler, TX and Henderson, TX. I couldn’t get enough of the farm life. I was in FFA, rode bulls/broncs through high school and worked for Edward’s feed helping on his ranches breaking horses and raising Simbrah cattle to get my farm fix. I eventually moved to the – AL in Lexington, TX after high school. When my oldest son was born, I moved to the family farm in Tyler (Arp) and ran my own commercial cattle on Grandad’s and Papaw’s places. Looking back, I was not very good at my cattle operation but the time I spent with both of my grandfathers shaped me into who I am today. They taught me a solid work ethic, respect of the land, God is good, “horse trading”, welding, mechanic-ing, some humility, a few colorful words/expressions I can’t say in 2023, and most of all… don’t be lazy!